United Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha International (UTBSI) was officially formed on November 19, 2021. The person who was really behind UTBSI was Ven. P. Seewalee, Secretary General of Maha Bodhi Society of India. He provided the space to allow the bhikkhunis to come together.

The most senior bhikkhunis who participated were:

Ven. Tathaaloka from United States
Ven. Santini from Indonesia
Ven. Lieu Phap from Vietnam
Ven. Dhammananda from Thailand
Ven. Bodhicitta a Sri Lankan bhikkhuni from Australia
Ven. Sumangala from Malaysia
Ven. P. Seewalee, MBSI

Prior to the formation of UTBSI, the Asian bhikkhunis already were formed as the Network of Theravada Asian bhikkhunis. They were supportive of each other at the very beginning to form a sangha in each country. But with UTBSI, Ven. Tathaaloka joined in as another coordinator, thus it has become not only Asian but now International. These bhikkhunis are working together as co-ordinators along with Ven. Dr. Lieu Phap (from Vietnam) as secretary.
The output of this group of bhikkhunis was really outstanding.

In 2022 alone they have offered many Buddhist events and allowed people to have access to Dhamma work in a profound way. UTBSI is still at its early stage, and the bhikkhunis in each country are also busy with their own responsibility, but when they come together under UTBSI, they really make a good impact on society.