A bhikkhuni is a fully ordained female Buddhist monk.

Ven. Dhammavanna

Ven. Dhammaviriya

Ven. Dhammajaya

Ven. Dhammaparipunna

Ven. Dhammasumana

Ven. Dhammavidita


A sikkhamana is a female novice trainee who is at least 18 years old.

The training period is to be two years long, i.e. two vassas (rains), supervised by the bhikkhuni teacher during which she must not break any of the first 6 anudhammas (the first six of the precepts). After this period, the trainee may ask for full ordination as a bhikkhuni.


In Theravada Buddhist context, a samaneri can be translated as a novice nun.

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In the Vinaya (monastic discipline), a woman under the age of 18 cannot be ordained as a bhikkhuni, but can be ordained as a samaneri. Samaneris keep the 10 precepts as their code of behavior, and are devoted to the Buddhist monastic life.

After 2 years as a samaneri, she will be considered for the higher Bhikkhuni ordination but, according to the ancient texts, she must first be trained as a sikkhamana.