In this past decade more and more women have entered monastic life in all different schools of Buddhism such as Chinese, Tibetan and Theravada. In some traditions the ordination of women is still new and often training before and after the ceremony is not fully organized.

In this case, even newly ordained bhikkhunis/samaneris who have made a full commitment do not really know how to continue life in their new role and so have difficulty being an effective member of the ordained Sangha. International Monastic Training (IMT) will endeavor to remedy the situation by offering a training course which consists of intensive academic studies alongside daily practice, particularly, in the following areas: History of Buddhism with emphasis on women and Buddhism, history of Thai Buddism, Vinaya, Patimokkha reciting and training (for ordained members), spiritual training, and socially engaged Buddhism. In addition, IMT wishes to open this training program to women intending to be ordained as well as serious lay women who wish to go more deeply into a Buddhist way of life.

Consequently, Buddhasavika Foundation, in collaboration with Songdhammakalayani Monastery, mutually agree on conducting International Monastic Training for bhukkhunis, samaneri, and lay women.
Songdhammakalyani Bhikkhuni Arama and Buddhasavika Foundation organize an International Monastic Training every year.

In 2015, the training lasted through the vassa. There were 5 nuns from Vietnam and 4 from India with one laywoman participating in this monastic training programme.

In 2016, the training was scheduled for 4 weeks in June. This was to allow the participants to return to keep the vassa in their home town. There were 17 participants: 1 bhikkhuni from Thailand, 11 samaneris from Vietnam, 1 from South Korea, 1 from Italy, 1 from Germany with 2 attendants. This year Venerable Dhammananda taught in English and Dr. Kanjana Suthikul translated into Thai throughout the training.

In 2017, the training was offered from June 1st- 27th, and there were 28 participants from 12 countries: 7 from Indonesia, 3 from Malaysia, 2 from Canada, one each from Australia, France, India, Myanmar, Russia, Sri Lanka, USA, Vietnam, and 8 from Thailand. Of those, three were laywomen. It was a good number of international monastics, and thus, more exchanging of ideas and support for each other.

In 2018 the training was shortened and scheduled from June 1st – 15th. There were 27 Participants from 4 countires: 1 bhikkhuni from South Korea, 24 bhikkhunis from Thailand, and 2 laywomen one from Hong Kong, and another from the USA.

With the monastic setting, one is expected to attend morning and evening chanting, and meditation. On full moon and dark moon, those who are bhikkhunis will recite Patimokkha together. Recitation of Patimokkha happens only if bhikkhunis stay together as a sangha. This is a golden opportunity for newly ordained bhikkhunis to be trained with other senior bhikkhunis.

IMT was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic between 2019 and 2021.

In 2022 a Korean sikkhamana spent a vassa with the sangha as her real world IMT.

For more information on how to attend, please check the News and Upcoming Events page or email us.